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Le Douar des Arganiers is just 25 km away from the famous historic port town of Essaouira (formerly known as Mogador) with its UNESCO World Heritage Site medina. Well-served by buses and taxis, it’s a 30-minute trip from Sidi Kaouki.

You'll love strolling through Essaouira's winding streets, with its friendly people, colourful market and picturesque port. A favourite is to sit relaxing, watching the fishermen return, their blue boats overflowing with fish. The townspeople, known as Souiris, are also famed for their rich and varied arts and crafts - magnificent red cedar inlay work, elegant silver jewellery and superb soft silks.

With such beauty and creativity, Essaouira has inspired many artists over the ages, including Orson Welles, who chose it as the setting for his acclaimed film of Shakespeare's Othello. Today it hosts three music festivals that attract artists from all over the world, each in a season of its own:
- In the Spring, there's the Festival des Alizés classical music festival www.alizesfestival.com
- In the Summer, there's the Gnawa world music festival www.festival-gnaoua.net
- In the Autumn, there's the eclectic Festival des Andalousies Atlantiques of predominantly Andalusian and Arabic music.

Staying at Le Douar des Arganiers in Sidi Kaouki, you'll be able to savour the rich variety of Essaouira while living in the country on the ocean's edge, benefiting from all its revitalising tranquillity.


Le Douar des Arganiers
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